Footage, 911 Calls Released In Controversial Fort Worth Arrest

FORT WORTH, TX — The controversial case 35-year-old Forrest Curry’s Fort Worth arrest continues to unfold — this time with the release of body camera footage and a 911 call.

Speculation began to stir after a 45-second video clip of the arrest surfaced on Facebook, in which two officers can be seen hitting a man who appears to be pinned to the ground.

An outcry arose among community activists, but Fort Worth’s police chief released a statement saying the short video tells only part of a much larger story.

The department Wednesday released footage taken from body and dash cameras as well as a 911 call made to report what the caller described as men being "on drugs," possibly K-2.

Police have not said if Curry was intoxicated at the time of the arrest. Patch will bring you the latest on this story as it develops.

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You can listen to the 911 call below.

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